The Not So United Nations

•January 26, 2007 • 1 Comment

According to Richard N. Hass of Yale University the UN is at a standstill. It has not accomplished much in the recent years because of the amount of disagreement between the major powers on what do to on many global problems. “The UN reflects the ability of the major powers to agree – and to back up their agreements with resources,” writes Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. The powers that control the UN are practically refusing to collaborate on any of the global issues such as the genocides in Darfur and Global Warming. Any influence of the UN secretary-general depends on his priorities and style. Haass recommends that incoming Secretary General Ban Ki-moon assess the role of the UN, determine the appropriate makeup of the powerful Security Council, condemn terror – while encouraging nations to cooperate in protecting world citizens rather than standing back and ignoring their suffering.

The author of this article is the presient of the council on foreign relations at Yale, so I have to assume that he is very well qualified and informed. He seems to have a liberal ideological biasis because he seems concerned with the welfare of all and keeping the peace. The blogroll seems to be slightly biased, but it does include links to several seperate newspapers and brings together different articles to form a seeminly well rounded blogroll. There werent any posts on this blog since it was just posted recently, but I assume that they would have been by Yale students.

DeadlyWeekend In Iraq

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This past weekend has been a diffcult one for the troops in Iraq. According to “saturday was the deadliest day for U.S. forces in two years. It was also the third-highest of any single day since the war began in March 2003, eclipsed only by 37 U.S. deaths on Jan. 26, 2005, and 28 on the third day of the U.S. invasion. U.S. authorities also announced two American combat deaths from Friday.” The death toll continues to increase after president Bush has called for the deployment of more troops in Iraq. It seems as if he believes that increasing the number of troops will help change the war in Iraq, but it appears that not all American’s believe this way. The support for the war is continuously decreasing as more soldiers are being killed. This weekend appears to be a sign of what is to come, more deaths. It seems as if deploying more troops will just upset more American’s, and people from other countries. The suicide bombers who cause the most harm are not going to stop if they see more troops, its possible that they might see it as an opportunity for their actions to have a larger impact on more people. Sending more troops is not going to help the war in Iraq. The opposition who are causing the most harm to soldiers can not be catgorized and treated as a typical combatant. They cannot be controlled by simply applying more force, something else needs to happen to make them stop. The neo-con movement can only go so far, and it seems as if they are beginning to lose their power more and more each day. People are no longer believing that war is the answer to all problems.

Hello world!

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